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Birth Injury

Birth Injury Attorneys Representing Families in Baltimore and Surrounding Areas

If your child has suffered a birth injury that you believe was caused by a medical professional’s carelessness, the experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Arfaa Law Group are ready to help. We are dedicated to holding health care providers accountable for serious lapses in judgment and asserting the rights of injured children and mothers to the full extent of the damages that they deserve. Our Baltimore birth injury attorneys will tenaciously represent you and advocate for your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Pursuing Compensation for a Birth Injury in Maryland

While some birth injuries may stem from events that happened during the mother’s pregnancy, others arise from the labor and delivery stages of childbirth. Some commonly observed conditions include brachial plexus injuries, umbilical cord issues, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, shoulder dystocia, and Erb’s palsy. These injuries may result from errors such as the improper use of forceps or vacuum devices, a failure to identify vital signs in a timely manner, or a failure to order a caesarean section when it was appropriate.

If you suspect that your child’s birth injury was caused by the negligence of a medical professional, you may be able to pursue damages through a medical malpractice claim. Negligence occurs when a person is harmed under the care of a health care provider because that professional failed to use the medically accepted standard of care in that particular situation. A plaintiff is required to show that the medical professional’s failure to use the appropriate standard of care was a direct and proximate cause of the harm that the child or mother suffered. This means that the injuries likely would not have occurred if the defendant had met the appropriate standard of care. Testimony from expert witnesses, such as other doctors in the defendant’s specialty, is critical to establishing the elements of a birth injury case.

Depending on the nature and extent, birth injuries can be extremely costly. As a result, victims may be entitled to substantial compensation for their harm, often including medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering. Establishing damages requires a thorough examination of a patient’s medical history and records. Maryland law allows patients to obtain copies of their medical records under all circumstances.

Patients in Maryland have only a certain amount of time to file a medical malpractice claim, which is set by the statute of limitations. An injured patient has five years from the date that the injury was committed or three years from the date that the injury was discovered, whichever is shorter. Failing to file your case within this time frame could mean losing your right to seek compensation altogether. Thus, is important to take action as soon as you suspect that a medical error could have caused your or your child’s injury.

Contact Our Compassionate Baltimore Lawyers for Your Birth Injury Case

Birth injuries can create a lifetime of complications for a child. At Arfaa Law Group, our knowledgeable Baltimore birth injury lawyers are committed to holding negligent health care providers liable when they fail to provide the appropriate care. We proudly represent victims and their families in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Call 410-889-1850 or contact us online for a free consultation with a personal injury and wrongful death attorney.

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