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Misread X-rays and Ultrasounds

Lawyers Representing People Hurt by Medical Professionals in Baltimore

There are many scenarios in which a patient may call on a doctor to read and interpret imaging tests. For example, an accurate assessment of an ultrasound or x-ray is essential for determining if a patient is suffering from a critical health concern. As such, if a doctor misreads the results of a diagnostic examination, it can lead to grave harm and may constitute medical malpractice. If someone sustains losses due to misread x-rays and ultrasounds, it is in their best interest to speak to an attorney about their right to seek damages. The skilled Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers of Arfaa Law Group are committed to aiding people harmed by the incompetence of doctors in the pursuit of compensation, and we can assist you in fighting to protect your rights.

Harm Caused by Misread X-Rays and Ultrasounds

Imaging tests are often used to diagnose and screen for illnesses and injuries. For example, doctors prescribe x-rays if it is suspected a patient has an acute illness like pneumonia or a bowel obstruction. If such x-rays are not properly interpreted, it can lead to severe complications. X-rays are also used to diagnose fractures, and improper readings of such tests can lead to an undiagnosed broken bone healing improperly, which can cause mobility issues and may require surgical repair. X-rays are also frequently used to screen for cancer, and misdiagnosed scans or a failed diagnosis can allow for the progression of the disease, making it harder to treat. Similarly, physicians use ultrasounds to screen patients for conditions such as congenital birth defects, cancer, heart issues, and abdominal and reproductive disorders. Thus, misconstrued ultrasounds can lead to missed or improper diagnoses, treatment delays, and incorrect medical advice.

Liability for Misread X-rays and Ultrasounds

An improperly assessed diagnostic test can cause serious complications. In many instances, people injured by a misread x-ray or ultrasound can pursue medical malpractice claims against the doctors responsible for their harm. In Maryland, recovering damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit usually requires a plaintiff to prove the defendant’s negligence. This means that the plaintiff must establish that the defendant had a duty to provide treatment that aligned with the relevant standard of care, which is the treatment or care a reasonable and prudent doctor working in the same specialty would render in a similar situation. For example, if a competent radiologist would suggest follow up testing if the results of an ultrasound are indeterminate, such recommendations may constitute the prevailing practice. Typically, a plaintiff will need to hire a medical expert to explain the standard of care to the person or people determining liability.

The plaintiff then has to show that the defendant’s behavior violated the standard of care, which will likely require expert testimony as well. Finally, the plaintiff must show that the defendant’s breach proximately caused the plaintiff’s harm. In other words, that the harm suffered would not have occurred without the defendant’s failure to read an x-ray or ultrasound properly. The defendant’s acts do not have to be the sole cause of the plaintiff’s damages, though, as long as they are a primary factor in bringing them about. A plaintiff that successfully demonstrates a defendant’s fault may be awarded damages for past, and future medical care, lost wages, and out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, a plaintiff may be able to recover compensation for the mental anguish, suffering, and pain endured because of the defendant’s behavior.

Meet with a Skilled Attorney in Baltimore

Doctors undergo specialized training to learn to interpret x-rays and ultrasounds, but they nevertheless sometimes misread them and these errors can cause their patients to suffer grave losses. If you suffered harm due to a misreading of a diagnostic imaging test, it is advisable to speak to a lawyer about your potential claims. At Arfaa Law Group, our attorneys possess the tools and knowledge needed to prove liability in medical malpractice lawsuits, and if you hire us, we will work tirelessly to help you strive for the best outcome available under the circumstances. We have an office in Baltimore where we regularly represent people in medical malpractice cases. You can reach us at (410) 889-1850 or via our online form to schedule a meeting.