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Cardiology Malpractice

Baltimore Attorneys for Individuals Harmed by Negligence in Health Care

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, but it is often preventable with proper care, and many people consult with cardiologists to manage their heart health. If a cardiologist negligently fails to notice or address a patient's symptoms, however, the patient may suffer a heart attack, stroke, or other condition that causes irreparable harm. Anyone injured by a cardiologist’s failure to provide appropriate care has the right to seek damages in a cardiology malpractice lawsuit. At the Arfaa Law Group, our skilled Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers have ample experience helping people pursue compensation for harm caused by cardiologists and other health care providers, and we can aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Common Examples of Cardiology Malpractice

Cardiologists are expected to provide appropriate treatment to prevent the development or exacerbation of heart issues and treat any existing conditions. While there are numerous ways a cardiologist can harm a patient, some acts that constitute malpractice are more common than others. For example, one of the most common cardiology errors occurs when a cardiologist fails to prescribe diagnostic tests or pay credence to a patient's symptoms, and the patient suffers a heart attack as a result. Similarly, a cardiologist may misinterpret a patient's complaints and misdiagnose a patient, resulting in delayed treatment. Medication errors are a common cause of harm as well and can occur when a cardiologist provides a medication that is contraindicated due to the patient's pre-existing conditions or other medications, or fails to properly discuss the risks associated with a medication with a patient.

Proving Liability for Harm Caused by a Negligent Cardiologist

When a cardiologist provides inadequate care, it can result in a heart attack, heart damage, reduced life expectancy, and death. If a person suffers harm due to a cardiologist’s insufficient care, the cardiologist may be held liable for the person’s harm. Although the precise claims a party will allege in a cardiology malpractice lawsuit may vary depending on the facts of the case, most cases will assert a negligence claim. In assessing whether a cardiologist should be held liable for malpractice on a theory of negligence, a judge or jury will assess whether the treatment provided by the cardiologist fell below the standard of care. In other words, whether the cardiologist failed to provide care that another cardiologist with similar training and experience would provide when faced with similar circumstances.

Even if the cardiologist’s treatment of the patient fell below the threshold established by the standard of care, the cardiologist will not be held liable unless the patient can also show that the breach of the standard of care proximately caused the patient’s harm. In other words, the patient must show that he or she would not have suffered harm unless the cardiologist deviated from the standard of care. A dedicated medical negligence lawyer can help you determine whether the facts of your case may fulfill these elements.

Cardiologists undergo significant schooling and training, and cardiology malpractice cases often present complex issues that the average person cannot understand. Thus, it is necessary to retain an expert to offer testimony to establish the standard of care and the manner in which the care provided departed from the standard. Expert testimony is also needed to prove that the cardiologist’s departure caused the patient’s harm, and to determine the patient’s damages. If a patient successfully proves that the cardiologist should be held liable, the patient may be awarded compensation for his or her medical expenses, as well as damages for any lost earnings caused by his or her harm, and for pain and suffering. If the patient was married when the harm occurred, the patient’s spouse may also be able to recover damages.

Consult a Diligent Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Baltimore

Cardiologists are relied upon to maintain a person's heart health, and when a cardiologist fails to uphold his or her duties, and a person suffers harm as a result, the cardiologist should be held liable. If you sustained damages because of negligent care provided by a cardiologist in Baltimore, it may be in your best interest to consult a diligent attorney regarding your potential damages. Contact Arfaa Law Group at 410-889-1850 or through our form online to set up a free and confidential meeting.