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Antibiotic Allergic Reactions

Lawyers Helping Clients in Baltimore

Antibiotics are typically the first line of treatment chosen by doctors treating infections and other illnesses. In many cases, patients tolerate antibiotics well and experience few side effects after taking them. However, some patients suffer antibiotic allergic reactions, and, if they are inadvertently prescribed them, it can lead to serious consequences. If you or someone you love suffered an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, you may be able to pursue claims against your doctor, and it is advisable to speak to a lawyer regarding your rights. The Baltimore medical malpractice attorneys of Arfaa Law Group are skilled at helping people harmed by the negligence of healthcare providers, and if we represent you, we will work diligently to help you seek justice for your losses.

Causes and Symptoms of Antibiotic Allergic Reactions

Generally, a doctor obtains a patient’s health history prior to prescribing any medication, which includes determining if a patient has any allergies. If a physician fails to seek critical health information from a patient or ignores information in medical records regarding an existing allergy, he or she may prescribe medication that the patient cannot tolerate, causing a reaction. Allergic reactions to antibiotics range from mild, like a rash, to severe, like difficulty breathing or swallowing, constricted airways, and swelling of the mouth, face, and tongue. Severe allergic reactions can be life-threatening and require immediate medical care, and patients who have extreme physical reactions often suffer psychological trauma as well. While mild or moderate reactions are rarely critical, they can last for weeks or months, causing pain and discomfort.

Pursuing Medical Malpractice Claims

Doctors who inadvertently cause their patients to suffer allergic reactions to antibiotics may be deemed liable for any harm suffered. Generally, a patient must demonstrate a physician committed medical negligence to recover damages. In Maryland, proving medical negligence requires a plaintiff to show the doctor had a duty to comply with the applicable standard of care, which is the care that a competent professional working in the same specialty would provide in a similar situation. For example, the standard may dictate that a doctor has to ask all new patients to fill out health history forms indicating any existing allergies. The plaintiff must then show that the doctor’s actions or failure to act constitute a breach of the standard. Last, the plaintiff must prove he or she sustained actual damages and demonstrate a causal connection between the harm suffered and the defendant’s acts.

The Use of Experts in Medical Malpractice Cases

In the majority of cases, a plaintiff will need to hire an expert to explain the relevant standard of care to the judge or jury and to illustrate how the defendant departed from the standard. A second expert may be necessary as well to prove the plaintiff’s damages. In other words, an expert can describe the type of harm the plaintiff suffered, including whether it is permanent, what care was reasonable and necessary, and what treatment the patient may need to undergo in the future.

Damages Recoverable for Antibiotic Allergic Reactions

A plaintiff that successfully proves a defendant’s liability in a medical malpractice case may recover the cost of any medical treatment, including hospitalization and out-of-pocket expenses. A plaintiff that was unable to work because of the harm suffered may be awarded lost wages as well. Additionally, plaintiffs are also typically awarded compensation for their mental and emotional trauma.

Speak to an Attorney in Baltimore

Antibiotics are helpful in treating a variety of illnesses, but they are not without risks, and doctors who recklessly prescribe antibiotics to patients who are allergic to them should be held accountable. If you suffered injuries because of an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, it is smart to speak to a lawyer about your possible claims. The attorneys of Arfaa Law Group are well-versed in what it takes to prove the liability of incompetent healthcare providers, and if you hire us, we will gather the evidence needed to provide you with a strong chance of a favorable result. We regularly represent injured parties in medical malpractice cases in Baltimore, where we have an office. You can contact us through our form online or at (410) 889-1850 to set up a conference.