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Neonatal and Postnatal Infections

Birth Injury Lawyers Helping Families in the Baltimore Area

Neonatal and postnatal infections can have long-term adverse health consequences for a newborn. If your child suffered a preventable neonatal or postnatal infection due to medical malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation. Our hard-working Baltimore birth injury attorneys can evaluate the circumstances of your case to assess whether a medical professional’s negligence potentially played a role. With extensive experience, our firm will make every effort to help you pursue a favourable outcome in your case.

Neonatal and Postnatal Infections

Newborn infants are at a high risk of developing infections within the first month or so of being born since their immune systems are still relatively weak. Neonatal and postnatal infections are infections acquired by a newborn during prenatal development or in the first few weeks of life. Children who are born prematurely are particularly vulnerable to acquiring infections due to their weakened immune systems.

Hospitals and physicians have an obligation to ensure that the delivery and post-delivery environment are kept clean and free of contaminants to prevent infection. Common causes of infections include but are not limited to:

  • Failure to maintain a hygienic hospital room
  • Medical professionals failing to sanitize their hands before touching the baby
  • Contaminated equipment used during or after delivery
  • Insufficient measures to keep the newborn clean
  • Lack of proper testing and assessment for infection
Neonatal and Postnatal Infections Caused by Medical Malpractice

Any infection in a newborn can have serious and even lifelong consequences for a child. In the most severe cases, an infection can permanently diminish a child’s quality of life or may even lead to death. Medical professionals are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with certain infections, and ideally healthcare providers should catch them in the initial stages, before they become serious. Early treatment is critical to preventing severe complications arising from these infections.

If your child has suffered adverse health effects as a result of a neonatal or postnatal infection that was not diagnosed or treated in a timely manner, you may be able to recover compensation through a medical malpractice claim. Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional causes injury by failing to adhere to the standard of care that another medical professional in the same speciality would have used under the same or similar circumstances. The standard of care means what a reasonable medical professional would do under the same or similar circumstances. It is generally different in every case depending on a variety of factors such as the medical condition being treated, the patient’s age, medical history, and more. If you bring a medical malpractice claim, you will usually need to utilize expert testimony from a healthcare provider in the same field as the defendant to establish that a breach in the standard of care occurred.

Time Limits in Birth Injury Cases

As is the case in every other state, medical malpractice claims in Maryland must be filed within a certain time frame known as the statute of limitations. Under state law, there is there is one statute of limitations for the parents’ claim and another statute of limitations for the injured infant’s claim. This can potentially create a complicated situation in which the knowledge and experience of a malpractice lawyer well-versed in Maryland law can be vital. We will closely analyze the facts of your claim and help you understand the relevant legal timelines in your case.

Skilled Birth Injury Attorneys Serving Baltimore

If your child suffered from a neonatal or postnatal infection brought about by a medical professional’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation to cover medical expenses and other costs. At Arfaa Law Group, our seasoned Baltimore lawyers understand how to navigate complex malpractice cases involving labor and delivery problems and other birth injuries, and hold careless medical professionals accountable for the harm that they cause. Contact us for a free consultation today by calling us at 410-889-1850 or contacting us online.