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Lyme Disease Malpractice

Baltimore Attorneys for Victims of Medical Negligence

Lyme disease is a common infectious illness that causes a variety of symptoms. If a person with Lyme disease is treated while the disease is in its early stages, the treatment is typically effective. When a physician fails to diagnose or treat Lyme disease until the disease has progressed, however, it can have a devastating effect on a person’s overall health. If you suffered harm due to your doctor’s negligent failure to properly diagnose you with or treat you for Lyme disease, you may have legal claims. The assertive Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers of Arfaa Law Group are dedicated to aiding people injured by medical care providers, and we advocate tirelessly on behalf of our clients.

Harm Caused by Lyme Disease Malpractice

Lyme disease is a bacterial illness that is prevalent throughout Maryland. It is primarily spread through ticks. In some cases, people who have been bitten by a tick carrying Lyme disease will develop a bull’s eye rash near the bite or on another part of the body. In many instances, early symptoms of Lyme disease include headache, fever, aches, and a stiff neck. If a doctor properly assesses a patient’s symptoms and conducts tests confirming that a patient has Lyme disease, a course of antibiotics will usually cure the disease in a relatively short time frame. When Lyme disease is not diagnosed in a prompt manner, however, it can lead to neurological disorders, heart damage, meningitis, arthritis, and paralysis of facial nerves. Additionally, chronic Lyme disease is difficult to treat, and many people suffering from chronic Lyme disease have permanent symptoms.

Establishing Malpractice Related to Lyme Disease

People who suffer harm due to the inadequate treatment of Lyme disease can pursue claims against their treating physicians in medical malpractice lawsuits, and a seasoned trial lawyer can help. In Maryland, a plaintiff seeking damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit generally alleges that the defendant acted negligently, which requires the plaintiff to establish that the defendant healthcare provider breached the applicable standard of care. The standard of care that applies is the care that a reasonable provider with similar training and skills as the defendant, and that practices in the same specialty as the defendant, would have provided in the same situation. The plaintiff must not only prove that the defendant breached the standard of care, but also that the breach proximately caused the plaintiff’s harm. In other words, the plaintiff must demonstrate that he or she would not have suffered harm unless the defendant breached his or her duty.

A doctor accused of malpractice for failing to diagnose Lyme disease may argue that he or she is not liable for malpractice because the plaintiff’s symptoms mimicked the symptoms of another disorder. Thus, whether a defendant doctor is deemed liable will hinge on whether the doctor’s actions were reasonable in light of the circumstances. In most cases, the plaintiff will need to introduce the testimony of a medical expert to prove that the defendant doctor’s actions did not comply with the standard of care.

A plaintiff that successfully proves a defendant’s liability may be awarded compensation for the cost of any medical treatment he or she needed due to his or her illness, damages for lost wages if he or she could not work due to the illness, and damages for the pain and suffering he or she endured because of the negligence of the defendant. If the plaintiff was married at the time he or she suffered harm, the plaintiff’s spouse may also be awarded damages.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers for Baltimore Residents

Lyme disease malpractice can cause substantial health issues that are often permanent. If your doctor failed to diagnose or treat your Lyme disease in a timely manner, you can speak with an attorney regarding your options. At Arfaa Law Group, we are skilled at navigating the complexities of medical malpractice cases, and we regularly represent people harmed by incompetent medical care in lawsuits in Baltimore. We can be contacted via our online form or at 410-889-1850 to schedule a confidential and free meeting.