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Integrative Medicine Malpractice

Baltimore Lawyers Representing People Harmed by Medical Malpractice in Rehabilitation Facilities

People with acute or chronic conditions who want to expand their care beyond conventional treatment to incorporate alternative therapies will seek care from doctors who practice integrative medicine. Integrative medicine aims to promote holistic health and patient-centered care, but doctors who practice in this area are bound by the same standards as other physicians. As such, if they fail to adequately diagnose or treat patients, they may be liable for any harm caused by their carelessness. If you were hurt by integrative medicine malpractice, you have the right to seek compensation, and you should meet with an attorney to discuss your potential claims. The skillful Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers of Arfaa Law Group possess the knowledge and experience needed to help you protect your interests, and if we represent you, we will advocate aggressively on your behalf.

Injuries Caused by Integrative Medicine Malpractice

Integrative medicine is an approach to healthcare that combines Western medicine with complementary and alternative therapies to address all aspects of an individual's well-being. In other words, doctors who practice integrative medicine aim to treat the whole person rather than just isolated symptoms or diseases. They typically utilize a diverse range of therapies, including nutrition, acupuncture, mindfulness, herbal remedies, yoga, massage, and more, alongside conventional medical treatments when necessary.

While doctors who practice integrative medicine focus on whole-body care, they are not immune to making mistakes, and their errors often cause significant harm. For example, if they fail to observe or accurately assess a patient’s symptoms, it could result in a missed or delayed diagnosis, worsening the patient’s prognosis. Similarly, if they fail to prescribe appropriate treatment, a patient’s condition may worsen, and additional complications may arise.

Elements of an Integrative Medicine Malpractice Claim

People who seek treatment from doctors who practice integrative medicine anticipate that they will receive competent treatment. Sadly, however, it is not uncommon for patients of integrative medicine doctors to suffer harm due to negligent care, and in many instances, they will seek redress for their losses in a medical malpractice lawsuit. As the harm caused by physicians is usually unintended, plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases will typically set forth negligence claims against the defendants.

In Maryland, proving negligence in the setting of medical care requires the plaintiff to show a duty, breach, damages, and causation. Duty is the obligation the defendant owes to the plaintiff, which is to provide treatment in accordance with the applicable standard of care, which is the care that a reasonable doctor with the same set of skills would provide in a similar situation. A breach of the duty owed occurs when the defendant deviates from the standard of care. Finally, the injuries the plaintiff sustained constitute damages, and they must show that such harm arose directly out of the defendant’s breach. While the defendant’s breach does not have to be the only cause of the plaintiff’s losses, it must be a significant factor in bringing it about. Expert testimony is typically required to demonstrate the standard of care and what is required under the standard. An expert can also explain how the defendant failed to abide by the standard and how the defendant’s acts or omissions harmed the plaintiff. If the plaintiff demonstrates the defendant’s liability, the plaintiff may be able to recover compensation for the cost of their medical care, out-of-pocket costs, and lost wages. They may also be awarded damages for the suffering, pain, and mental trauma they endured due to the defendant’s negligence.

Contact a Capable Baltimore Lawyer

Doctors who incorporate holistic care into their practice often achieve positive outcomes, but if they fail to provide competent care, they may inadvertently harm their patients. If you suffered injuries due to the negligence of an integrative medicine doctor, you may be able to pursue integrative medicine malpractice claims, and you should contact an attorney. The capable Baltimore attorneys at Arfaa Law Group are adept at helping victims of medical malpractice recover damages from negligent doctors, and if we represent you, we will help you seek the results you deserve. We regularly assist people with medical malpractice lawsuits in Baltimore, where we have an office. You can reach us via our online form or at (410) 889-1850 to arrange a meeting.