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Hospitalist Malpractice

Baltimore Lawyers Representing People Harmed by Hospitalist Malpractice

Hospitalists are doctors who manage the inpatient care of individuals hospitalized for various medical conditions. It is crucial for hospitalists to make timely and appropriate decisions regarding patient care, as the failure to provide treatment can significantly impact patient recovery and outcomes. It is not uncommon for hospitalists to make mistakes, though, or for their errors and oversights to cause their patients to suffer a decline in health. If you were harmed by a hospitalist’s carelessness, you might have grounds for pursuing damages in a hospitalist malpractice lawsuit, and it is in your best interest to speak to an attorney. The trusted Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers at Arfaa Law Group understand what it takes to win cases against negligent physicians, and if we represent you, we will fight to help you seek the results you deserve.

Losses Caused by Hospitalist Malpractice

Hospitalists are board-certified internists who oversee the medical care of patients during their hospital stays. Typically, they evaluate and monitor patients, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and develop and adjust treatment plans. Generally, hospitalist care leads to shorter hospital stays and enhanced communication between healthcare providers and ensures that patients receive appropriate and timely medical care during their time in the hospital.

Hospitalist mistakes can have significant consequences for patients. For example, errors in medication management, such as prescribing the wrong dosage or medication, can lead to adverse drug reactions, worsening of medical conditions, and even life-threatening situations. In some instances, miscommunication among healthcare providers and inadequate handoffs can result in critical information being overlooked or misunderstood, leading to delayed or inappropriate care. Additionally, diagnostic errors can result in unnecessary treatments, prolonged hospitalization, and preventable complications. Finally, failure to recognize deteriorating patients or to address subtle changes in their condition can lead to delayed interventions, deteriorating health, and increased mortality rates.

Claims Arising out of Hospitalist Malpractice

Hospitalist errors can cause substantial health issues that are both painful and costly to treat. As such, people harmed by such mistakes will often seek compensation via hospitalist malpractice lawsuits. Generally, establishing liability for medical malpractice requires the plaintiff to show that the defendant was negligent. To prove negligence under Maryland law, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed them a duty and that the defendant breached the duty owed. In the realm of medical care, the duty a doctor owes a patient is to treat them in accordance with the applicable standard of care, which is the care that a capable practitioner who works in the same specialty would offer in the same situation. Any act or omission that fails to uphold the standard arguably constitutes a breach. In most cases, the plaintiff must provide expert testimony to define the appropriate standard of care and illustrate how the defendant deviated from the standard.

Finally, the plaintiff needs to show that there is a clear connection between the defendant’s departure from the standard of care and the harm suffered by the plaintiff and that they suffered measurable damages due to the harm.

Plaintiffs who prevail in medical malpractice cases may be awarded compensation for their financial losses as well as their intangible harm. Financial losses generally include the cost of any medical care they needed to undergo for their injuries, lost wages, and expenses paid out-of-pocket. Intangible harm includes mental and emotional distress, pain, suffering, and trauma they endured due to their injuries.

Talk to a Skillful Baltimore Attorney

Hospitalists have a duty to provide people admitted to their facilities with competent care, and if they fail to do so, they should be held accountable for any harm they cause. If you or a loved one were hurt due to hospitalist malpractice, you have the right to seek redress, and it is wise to talk to an attorney. The skillful Baltimore lawyers of Arfaa Law Group will gather any evidence in your favor and set forth persuasive arguments on your behalf to help you seek any damages you may be owed. We have an office in Baltimore, where we frequently represent parties in medical malpractice people cases. You can reach us at (410) 889-1850 or through our online form to set up a meeting.