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Contaminated Injections

Medical Malpractice Attorneys for Baltimore Residents

Healthcare providers routinely administer injections to patients for a variety of reasons. For example, doctors and nurses use injections to administer vaccines, manage chronic pain and inflammation, and treat chronic conditions such as diabetes. Patients that receive injections expect them to be safe and effective, but unfortunately, some injections are contaminated, and patients who receive these faulty injections can subsequently experience serious harm. If you suffered an illness after receiving a contaminated injection, you may be owed damages. At Arfaa Law Group, our diligent Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers are adept at aiding people injured by negligent health care providers, and we will assertively advocate on your behalf.

Harm Caused by Contaminated Injections

Injections may become contaminated due to defective or broken syringes, the failure of the person administering the injection to comply with protocols regarding cleaning the injection site, washing his or her hands, or wearing gloves, or an issue with the medication or vaccination that is being administered. While any injection has the potential to be compromised, some injections are more frequently contaminated than others. For example, corticosteroid injections, which are typically administered to treat back pain as well as pain in joints such as the shoulders and knees, are often infected with a fungus that can lead to fungal meningitis. Vaccines and diabetes medications such as insulin are sometimes contaminated as well. Symptoms that may arise following the administration of a contaminated injection include rashes, swelling, and flu-like symptoms, which may ultimately lead to grave injuries and illnesses, including sepsis, paralysis, and stroke.

Proving Liability Following a Contaminated Injection

A plaintiff seeking damages in a medical malpractice case in Maryland generally must establish that the defendant healthcare provider acted negligently and that his or her negligence caused the plaintiff’s harm. A seasoned trial attorney can assist in making this showing. Specifically, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant had a duty to treat the plaintiff in a manner that met or exceeded the applicable standard of care, but that the defendant acted or failed to act in a manner that constituted a departure from that standard. The standard of care that applies in medical malpractice cases is the level of care that a reasonable provider practicing in the same specialty and with similar training and experience would provide in like circumstances. The plaintiff must also show that the defendant’s departure from the standard of care proximately caused the plaintiff’s harm. In other words, the plaintiff must show that he or she would not have suffered harm absent the breach, and that the breach substantially contributed to bringing about his or her harm.

In cases involving contaminated injections, the defendant may argue that the plaintiff’s harm was caused by a factor other than the injection, or that he or she acted reasonably under the circumstances. Thus, in most cases, the plaintiff will need to rely on expert testimony to establish the standard of care that applied to the defendant, and how the defendant’s acts breached the standard. Expert testimony is usually needed to establish the extent and severity of the harm suffered by the plaintiff as well. A plaintiff who establishes a defendant’s liability may be able to recover the cost of any medical treatment needed to treat the plaintiff’s harm. If the plaintiff could not work due to his or her illness, the plaintiff may be owed lost wages as well. The spouse of a plaintiff that was married at the time the harm occurred may also be able to recover compensation.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers for Injured Victims in Baltimore

Many patients receive injections to treat chronic conditions, but when injections are contaminated, they may not only worsen an existing problem, but may also cause additional harm. If you sustained damages due to a contaminated injection, you can speak with an attorney regarding your potential claims. At Arfaa Law Group, we will gather any evidence in support of your claim for damages and work tirelessly to help you seek compensation for your harm. We have an office in Baltimore, where we routinely assist people in medical malpractice lawsuits. We can be reached via our online form or at 410-889-1850 to schedule a confidential and free meeting.