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Our case started at another law firm where Justin Wright was the third attorney assigned to work with us on our lawsuit stemming from a car accident. Upon taking our case, Justin took time to review the work done by previous attorneys, spoke at length with my husband and I to get to know us as people to understand how the accident has permanently affected our lives. Justin continually worked to provide the best representation possible throughout the lengthy and sometimes stressful process that took 3+ years to resolve. During this time Justin moved to Arfaa Law Group, but was just as responsive and ensured we were updated on any new information received and explaining the next steps as we moved towards a trial. While we were fully confident in Justin’s ability to take our case to trial, and was ready to do so, we were able to reach a settlement and bring closure to this unfortunate chapter in our lives. We would highly recommend Justin and use him again if ever needed.

- Dave P.

Great hardworking attorneys! Everything you would want from your attorney. Highly recommend!

- Jason Schaedel

I would recommend Arfaa Law Group to anyone seeking help for malpractice. The team worked my son case for years and everyone was open and communicated with me throughout the whole process. My son case was complicated but Juliia and her team never gave up. Jon helped me get though some ruff patches along the way. Deborah and Denise was always resourceful when I needed them. Julia helped me understand the bigger picture. Everyone was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for all the hard work and determination, my family really does appreciate every drop of support along the way.

- Ebone T.

The attorneys at Arfaa Law Group truly care about getting justice for their clients. If you want aggressive lawyers who work extremely hard, look no further!

- Samantha Hilbert

I highly recommend to anyone needing their services. Given our unique situation, I don’t believe things would have turned out the way they did had we been working with anyone else. Julia and team are exceptional.

- Andrew L.

Very professional, very dedicated, nothing more I could’ve asked for. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking help with a medical malpractice case.

- Isaiah Spencer

Julia and Team are exceptional. At every turn we felt like there was someone on our side, for once, that understood us and had our back. Their approach was not over bearing or invasive. Clearly there to find out the truth and fight for our rights. Having relocated from Maryland to California early on in the process, Julia and Team had no problem accommodating our case from the other side of the country. Communication was just right, we never felt like we were left in the dark waiting. I would highly recommend the Arfaa Law Group! Thank you Julia :)

- Ryan Beck

Arfaa Law Group was amazing throughout our entire process. They were very responsive to any questions we had and provided accurate information every time. During the process all employees were respectful and compassionate concerning our circumstances. We now seem them as part of our extended family. We highly recommend them to anyone who may need their services!

- Mike Wolfe

Thank you so much.

- Ebony

Julia and Denise and the team at Arfaa Law led us with professionalism and expertise through a process that no one should ever have to go through. I would absolutely and totally recommend them to my nearest and dearest.

- Ayeala Crystal Beck

The Arfaa Law Group is made up of a group of exceptional people who will go the extra mile to be there for you. The experience I had with the group was very pleasant given the circumstance of what my family and I were going through, they were compassionate, caring and sensitive to our situation. All the questions I had were answered right away and in great detail. They fought for my family and what they believed was right. They have become more than just a law firm to us they have become an extension of our family! We are forever grateful for the services they provided and helping my son get what we believed he deserved! Thank you to everyone who spent countless hours on our case! Julia you are an amazing person, your experience, medical knowledge, integrity, aggressive yet compassionate court presence will forever be remembered. John you are one intelligent and caring person also, your interpersonal communication skills allowed me to have complete trust in our three week endeavor. The foresight that you both exhibited proved to be a strategic court strategy. In closing, the Arfaa Law Group argued the very complex malpractice case enthusiastically, credibly, and very successfully.

Thank you! You are all amazing! We are blessed to have met you all.

If you're looking for a law group, they're the best. Julia is a superstar!!!

- Sean M.

Ms. Arfaa was my family's personal lawyer during an extremely difficult time . My father passed away quite unexpectedly just a few days short of his 60th birthday in 2007. It turned out that there was some negligence and Ms. Arfaa and her partners at the time were spectacular throughout the whole process. She was sensitive, kind, and caring but above all- patient. Explaining what the legal process is to someone who is emotionally fragile is not always the easiest thing for lawyers to do and Ms. Arfaa was exceptional. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- Meghan Murphy

If you are seeking an outstanding, easy to talk too, experienced medical malpractice or legal malpractice attorney then look no more. Julia Arfaa is the attorney you need and want!

Feeling hurt and angry over the untimely loss of our son we needed a malpractice attorney. We hired someone who in short - blew the case. I do not know what I expected when I scheduled to meet with Julia Arfaa.

What I found was a rare and true gem. Julia Arfaa is down to earth, easy to talk too and friendly. She doesn't give off the air of stuffiness like most attorneys do. To the contrary I found Mrs. Arfaa to be caring, concerned, and she could follow the bouncing ball by understanding immediately what transpired in my situation.

Julia Arfaa told me I would not hear from her for several months and I did not. But when I did, I truly felt that "I had found the RIGHT attorney." Her letter of demand (to the previous knucklehead attorneys who blew our case) gave me a sense of confidence and relief in knowing "finally, our loved one will receive justice!

Julia Arfaa is A Real Go-Getter whom is passionate about her craft.

She is above board-but plays hard ball! This is exactly the kind of attorney that you need when heading to court.

Julia has a side-kick (as most heroes do) whom I will only refer to as "D" for Denise Greeley. She is a paralegal. Initially I spoke with D first and was impressed that she even knew of Stevens Johnson's Syndrome as in our search for an attorney- many as in countless never even heard of the disease.

So, if you read this review and retain only one thing.... Let it be the name - Julia Arfaa . Should you EVER NEED AN ATTORNEY.

- L. Page

This is an amazing law firm with wonderful people who never give up. Thanks to them I have some closure, and my family and I found some peace.

- Amber R.

Dear Julia:

I wanted to say thank you again. You and David helped my kids/family more than you know. We truly appreciate all of your hard work commitment. We finally have some closure. Things are easier now that life is not paycheck to paycheck. If there is anything that you need don't hesitate to ask! I am so thankful that you and David worked my case. It was hard to go through it all again but by doing this I hope we prevented it from happening to someone else. Your are amazing and so important, you changed our lives. Thanks again!

- Amber

To Julia Arfaa:

On behalf of my sons and I, we thank you!! Thank you for keeping your promise and for your excellent work.
George Nelson
George E. Nelson
Duane Nelson