The Arfaa Law Group is made up of a group of exceptional people who will go the extra mile to be there for you. The experience I had with the group was very pleasant given the circumstance of what my family and I were going through, they were compassionate, caring and sensitive to our situation. All the questions I had were answered right away and in great detail. They fought for my family and what they believed was right. They have become more than just a law firm to us they have become an extension of our family! We are forever grateful for the services they provided and helping my son get what we believed he deserved! Thank you to everyone who spent countless hours on our case! Julia you are an amazing person, your experience, medical knowledge, integrity, aggressive yet compassionate court presence will forever be remembered. John you are one intelligent and caring person also, your interpersonal communication skills allowed me to have complete trust in our three week endeavor. The foresight that you both exhibited proved to be a strategic court strategy. In closing, the Arfaa Law Group argued the very complex malpractice case enthusiastically, credibly, and very successfully. Thank you! You are all amazing! We are blessed to have met you all.

I would highly recommend their services.
Sean Monroe

Dear Julia:

I wanted to say thank you again. You and David helped my kids/family more than you know. We truly appreciate all of your hard work commitment. We finally have some closure. Things are easier now that life is not paycheck to paycheck. If there is anything that you need don't hesitate to ask! I am so thankful that you and David worked my case. It was hard to go through it all again but by doing this I hope we prevented it from happening to someone else. Your are amazing and so important, you changed our lives. Thanks again!

To Julia Arfaa:

On behalf of my sons and I, we thank you!! Thank you for keeping your promise and for your excellent work.
George Nelson
George E. Nelson
Duane Nelson