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Pharmacy Malpractice

Attorneys Assisting Injured Clients in Baltimore

People who are prescribed medications will typically go to the pharmacy to fill their prescriptions. It is common for people to assume they received the right dosage of the correct medication, but unfortunately, that does not always happen. Instead, many people suffer substantial damages because of pharmacy malpractice. If you were hurt by a negligent pharmacist, you have the right to pursue compensation and should seek legal counsel as soon as possible. The trusted Baltimore pharmacy malpractice lawyers of Arfaa Law Group are adept at helping people seek redress for losses caused by reckless medical professionals, and we can assess the circumstances surrounding your harm and advise you of your potential claims.

Common Pharmacy Errors

A variety of pharmaceutical errors can cause injuries, but some occur more commonly than others. For example, many people suffer injuries when they are given the incorrect medication by a pharmacist. Similarly, a pharmacist may provide a person the appropriate drug but in the wrong dosage. These mistakes can occur due to issues reading a prescription, confusion over the individual’s identity, or sheer carelessness. In some instances, taking the wrong drug or the wrong dosage of an appropriate drug can result in serious side effects. People can also suffer harm if pharmacists do not provide them with clear instructions regarding the use of the drug, like a warning of interactions with other substances or potential side effects. Finally, individuals may be hurt due to a pharmacist’s failure to review their history to determine if there are any allergies or contraindications that render a medication unsafe.

Pursuing Malpractice Claims for Harm Caused by Pharmacy Errors

People harmed by pharmacy malpractice often incur substantial medical bills and face a lengthy road to recovery. Thus, in many instances, they will seek damages from the parties responsible for their harm with the assistance of a pharmacy malpractice attorney in Baltimore. Generally, malpractice claims against a pharmacist will assert a theory of negligence.

Under Maryland law, proving the negligence of a health care provider such as a pharmacist requires the plaintiff to establish the standard of care that applies, which is the care that a reasonable pharmacist would exercise in the same situation. The plaintiff must then show that the defendant pharmacist had a duty to comply with the standard and that the defendant’s acts or omissions demonstrate a breach of the standard. In other words, if the standard requires a pharmacist to review a person’s medical history to check for allergies and the defendant failed to do so, the plaintiff can argue the failure to do so constitutes a violation of the standard. Finally, the plaintiff must show that defendant’s breach caused the plaintiff harm.

Most people do not have independent knowledge regarding the training and obligations of a pharmacist. This means that typically, a plaintiff will need to retain an expert to explain to a jury or judge the standard of care that applies to pharmacists and show how the defendant failed to comply with the standard.

Damages Arising Out of Pharmacy Malpractice

If your Baltimore pharmacy malpractice attorney can establish harm caused by the malpractice, you may be able to recover the cost of any medical treatment needed due to their injuries or that they will need in the future, including hospitalization, prescriptions, and physical and occupational therapy. They may also be awarded lost damages for wages or loss of future earnings if their injuries compromised their ability to work. In many instances, plaintiffs are also awarded compensation for the pain, suffering, and mental trauma caused by their injuries. Expert testimony is often needed to demonstrate a plaintiff’s damages as well.

Speak With an Attorney in Baltimore

People routinely rely on pharmacists to correctly fill prescriptions, but pharmacists often commit errors that cause innocent individuals to sustain serious injuries. If you suffered harm because of a pharmacist's reckless acts, you might be owed damages, and it is advisable to speak to a lawyer. The experienced attorneys of Arfaa Law Group are adept at pursuing claims against negligent professionals, and if you hire us, we will work tirelessly to help you seek a favorable result. We regularly represent people in Baltimore, where we have an office. You can contact us at (410) 889-1850 or via the form online to schedule a consultation with a pharmacy malpractice lawyer in the Baltimore area.