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Medical Malpractice in Rehabilitation Hospitals

Baltimore Lawyers Representing People Harmed by Medical Malpractice in Rehabilitation Facilities

Rehabilitation hospitals offer comprehensive services to help patients regain functional independence, improve their quality of life, and return to their previous level of activity following surgery, illnesses, and injuries. Unfortunately, medical malpractice in rehabilitation hospitals is not uncommon, as oversights, carelessness, and lack of communication in such facilities can lead to inadequate treatment or monitoring, delayed care, and missed diagnoses. If you or a loved one suffered losses due to negligent care in a rehabilitation hospital, you may be owed damages, and you should consult an attorney as soon as possible. The experienced Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers of Arfaa Law Group understand the devastation avoidable medical errors can cause, and if we represent you, we will diligently pursue any compensation recoverable under the law.

Harm Caused by Medical Malpractice in Rehabilitation Facilities

Rehabilitation hospitals are medical facilities designed to provide specialized care to individuals recovering from medical conditions, injuries, or surgeries. These hospitals offer comprehensive services, including pain management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, to help patients regain strength, mobility, and the ability to perform daily activities. Rehab hospitals also offer education, discharge planning, and assistive device services to prepare patients for their post-hospitalization journey.

When the medical professionals working in rehabilitation facilities fail to perform their jobs appropriately, it can lead to serious issues. For example, patients may receive the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage, potentially leading to adverse reactions and complications. Inadequate fall prevention measures, like neglecting to provide proper supervision or employ restraints, can result in patient falls and injuries, including fractures and head trauma. Similarly, poor infection control practices may lead to healthcare-associated infections, posing significant risks to patients with weakened immune systems. In some instances, the failure to monitor vital signs will lead to missed warning signs of complications or deteriorating health.

Pursuing Claims for Medical Malpractice in Rehabilitation Hospitals

Rehabilitation hospitals and the medical professionals who work in such hospitals are expected to provide competent care. If they fail to do so and cause their patients to suffer harm, they may be liable for medical malpractice. Usually, plaintiffs pursuing claims for medical malpractice in rehabilitation hospitals will set forth negligence claims.

In Maryland, to prove the negligence of a defendant healthcare provider, the plaintiff has to show that the defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff and that the defendant’s behavior constitutes a breach of the duty owed. The duty a healthcare provider owes a patient, which arises out of the treatment relationship, is to offer services that conform to the relevant standard of care, which is the care that a reasonable professional who works in the same practice area would offer when confronted with a similar situation. The plaintiff then must demonstrate causation, which means that they must show that they suffered quantifiable losses and that such losses were the direct result of the defendant’s departure from the standard of care.

Generally, the parties deciding liability in medical malpractice cases do not possess independent knowledge of the standard of care healthcare providers are expected to uphold. As such, the plaintiff will most likely need to retain an expert to offer testimony regarding the standard of care, how the defendant failed to abide by the standard, and how such acts or omissions caused the plaintiff’s harm.

Meet With a Trusted Baltimore Lawyer

Rehabilitation hospitals often help people relearn the skills they need to participate in the activities of daily life, but inadequate and inappropriate care in such facilities can harm the very patients they should be helping. If you suffered losses due to the carelessness of a healthcare provider in a rehabilitation hospital, you have the right to pursue claims against the parties responsible for your harm, and you should speak to an attorney. The trusted Baltimore attorneys at Arfaa Law Group take pride in helping victims of medical negligence protect their interests, and if you engage our services, we will craft persuasive arguments on your behalf. We often represent people in medical malpractice cases in Baltimore, where our office is located. You can contact us through our online form or at (410) 889-1850 to arrange a conference.