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Medical Malpractice Claims Arising out of the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Baltimore Attorneys Helping People Injured by Negligent Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence, often referred to as AI, into their practices. While there are numerous benefits to employing artificial intelligence in medical care, there are risks as well, and practitioners who fail to use artificial intelligence with due care may inadvertently harm their patients. If you believe you suffered harm due to the use of artificial intelligence in a treatment setting, you may be able to pursue medical malpractice claims arising out of the use of artificial intelligence, and you should confer with an attorney. The knowledgeable Baltimore medical malpractice attorneys of Arfaa Law Group are dedicated to helping victims of negligent healthcare providers seek justice for their harm, and if you retain us, we will fight to help you seek the results you deserve.

Artificial Intelligence and Medical Malpractice

Artificial intelligence is used in medical care in various ways. For example, doctors use it to detect and diagnose diseases through the analysis of medical imaging data such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. Artificial intelligence can also be utilized to personalize treatment plans by evaluating a patient's medical history and genetic data and suggesting treatments and medications that are tailored to individual needs. Additionally, doctors often use telemedicine applications powered by artificial intelligence to conduct virtual consultations, assess symptoms, and monitor patients remotely.

Providers that use artificial intelligence in medical care must exercise caution, though. There is an increased likelihood of incorrect diagnoses and false positives with the use of artificial intelligence, which can result in adequate or inappropriate treatment. In some instances, healthcare providers may place too much trust in artificial intelligence, failing to exercise clinical judgment, which can result in missed and delayed diagnoses as well.

Medical Malpractice Claims Arising out of the Use of Artificial Intelligence

People who suffer harm due to their doctor’s use of artificial intelligence can often recover compensation for their losses in civil lawsuits. Medical malpractice claims arising out of the use of artificial intelligence are similar to other malpractice claims against healthcare providers in that they generally require the plaintiff to demonstrate the defendant acted negligently.

In Maryland, a plaintiff asserting a negligence claim against a defendant healthcare provider must first show that the defendant owed them a duty. Typically, the duty owed is to provide treatment that aligns with the applicable standard of care, which is the care that a competent professional who works in the same specialty would offer in a similar situation. The plaintiff then needs to demonstrate that the defendant deviated from the standard in some manner, breaching the duty owed to the plaintiff. Finally, the plaintiff has to show that they suffered measurable damages and must connect their harm to the defendant’s breach. In other words, they must prove that they would not have sustained injuries had the defendant complied with the standard of care.

In the majority of medical malpractice cases, the plaintiff will need to hire a medical expert to explain the applicable standard of care and to describe the ways in which the defendant failed to uphold the standard. Expert testimony is also usually necessary to link the plaintiff’s losses and the defendant’s acts or omissions.

A plaintiff who convinces the judge or jury that the defendant committed medical malpractice may be granted damages for their financial harm, including the cost of any medical care and out-of-pocket expenses, and their intangible losses as well, such as suffering, pain, and mental trauma.

Confer With a Skilled Baltimore Lawyer

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the practice of medicine, but if it is not used with caution, it can cause adverse outcomes. If you were harmed by a doctor who employed AI, you may be able to seek damages via medical malpractice claims arising out of the use of artificial intelligence, and you should confer with an attorney. The skilled Baltimore attorneys at Arfaa Law Group are adept at handling challenging medical malpractice claims, and if we represent you, we will work tirelessly to help you seek a favorable outcome. We regularly represent injured parties in medical malpractice lawsuits in Baltimore, where our office is located. You can reach us through our online form or at (410) 889-1850 to arrange a meeting.