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Geriatric Medicine Malpractice

Baltimore Attorneys Representing Injured Parties

Many of the people who seek medical care in and around Baltimore are older. While most doctors provide people with competent care regardless of their age, some fail to address the concerns and symptoms of elderly patients. As such, older individuals are, unfortunately, prone to suffer harm due to inadequate medical care. If you or an older loved one were injured because of incompetent medical care, you might be able to pursue a geriatric medicine malpractice claim against the health care provider that caused your injury. At Arfaa Law Group, our knowledgeable Baltimore medical malpractice attorneys are mindful of the devastating consequences of a doctor’s failure to provide an elderly person with sound treatment, and we will zealously pursue whatever compensation you may be owed.

Harm Caused by the Negligent Practice of Geriatric Medicine

As people age, they are more prone to developing certain illnesses and ailments, and their health care needs tend to change. Thus, doctors who treat older patients are generally trained in the area of geriatric medicine and possess specific knowledge regarding the prevention of adverse health conditions and maintenance of good health in elderly people. Sadly, however, many physicians fail to observe symptoms in older patients, which may differ from those present in younger individuals, or fail to prescribe appropriate treatment, which often leads to harmful events such as stroke, heart attack, and falls. Additionally, the adverse effects of negligent medical care tend to have a greater impact on elderly individuals.

Seeking Damages for Geriatric Medicine Malpractice

In any medical malpractice case filed in Maryland, regardless of the age of the victim, the plaintiff generally must show that the defendant care provider was negligent. Thus, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant had a duty to comply with the accepted standard of care, which is the care that a reasonable and competent practitioner working in the same specialty would provide in a similar situation. The plaintiff must then show that the care provided by the defendant demonstrates a breach of the standard. For example, if a competent doctor would order that a patient complaining of chest pain undergo diagnostic testing, but the defendant failed to order such tests, it may constitute a departure from the standard of care. A plaintiff must not only prove that the defendant breached the standard, however, but must also show that the breach was a proximate cause of the harm suffered. In other words, the plaintiff must show that the injury or illness that arose out of the malpractice would not have occurred had the defendant rendered treatment that met the standard of care.

As older individuals often suffer from chronic health conditions and diminished immunity, it is not uncommon for defendants in these medical malpractice cases to argue that any harm a patient suffered was not caused by malpractice but was brought about by a pre-existing illness or injury. Thus, in many instances, whether a health care provider is found liable for a plaintiff’s harm in a geriatric medicine malpractice case will hinge on the strength of either party’s expert testimony. In other words, both parties will typically produce an expert to offer an opinion in support of their positions regarding the standard that applies to the defendant, and whether the defendant’s acts constitute a breach of the standard. Usually, the jury will find in favor of whichever party’s expert offers more compelling evidence. As such, it is critical for a plaintiff to retain a persuasive expert.

Speak to a Skilled Maryland Attorney

When a doctor practicing in geriatric medicine commits malpractice, it can cause irreparable harm and, in many instances, will rob a person of precious years of life. If you or a loved suffered damages due to inadequate medical care you should speak to a lawyer regarding your rights. The attorneys of Arfaa Law Group are proficient in handling a variety of medical malpractice claims, and we have the knowledge and resources needed to provide you with effective arguments in favor of your recovery of compensation. We regularly represent parties in medical malpractice cases in Baltimore, where our office is located. You can contact us at 410-889-1850 or through our form online to set up a conference.