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Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Representing Baltimore Residents

Although some people may recover from whiplash injuries relatively quickly, others may sustain long-term and even permanent harm. If you or someone close to you has suffered whiplash in an accident caused by someone else, you may have rights to assert. At Arfaa Law Group, Baltimore spinal cord injury lawyer Julia Arfaa can assess the facts of your case and identify all of the potentially liable parties. Our team understands that this is a stressful time for a victim and their family, and we will provide you with the personalized attention that you deserve throughout the process.

Seeking Compensation for Whiplash After an Accident

The Mayo Clinic defines whiplash as a neck injury resulting from a forceful, rapid, back and forth movement of the neck, like the cracking of a whip. Put another way, whiplash is typically an injury involving an immediate and violent jarring of the neck. A whiplash injury will be considered catastrophic if it causes serious and life-changing results that may last a lifetime. For example, if the accident caused a severe spinal cord injury that ultimately led to paralysis, it would be considered catastrophic.

Whiplash injuries unfortunately are not uncommon and may happen as a result of many different types of accidents, including rear end collisions, T-bone crashes, truck accidents, slip and falls, and workplace mishaps.

Most victims of catastrophic injuries caused by someone else’s carelessness may bring a personal injury lawsuit based on negligence. This is a failure to use reasonable care that causes harm to someone else. A critical point to establish is that the defendant’s failure to exercise the appropriate care was a direct cause of the plaintiff’s harm. The standard of reasonable care, which applies to most typical situations, is defined as how a prudent or ordinary person would act in the same circumstances. Someone’s conduct may also be deemed negligent if they failed to act when there was a duty to do so.

Recovering from whiplash injuries may take a long time, and sometimes the injury may lead to permanent damage. Many times, victims are left to deal with chronic pain and decreased mobility. They often may be able to receive both economic and non-economic damages for their harm. Typically, these include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and earning capacity, reduced quality of life, and more.

As in other states, Maryland law imposes a time frame in which personal injury lawsuits must be filed, known as the statute of limitations. Plaintiffs in this state have three years from the date of an accident to file this type of claim. Failing to comply with the statute of limitations could mean losing your right to compensation altogether.

Discuss Your Spinal Cord Injury Case with a Baltimore Lawyer

If you suffered whiplash or another spinal cord injury because another person or entity acted negligently, we can help you seek the compensation that you deserve from the responsible party. At Arfaa Law Group, experienced Baltimore spinal cord injury attorney Julia Arfaa can provide you with comprehensive and reliable legal guidance. She represents victims and their families across the state of Maryland. To set up a free appointment with an injury attorney, call 410-889-1850 or contact us online.